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from World-Renowned Leadership Expert Chuck Garcia

Former Global Head of Marketing at Bloomberg and Blackrock

Executive Coach

Columbia University Professor

Keynote Speaker 

Amazon Best-Selling Author

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  • EIL is taught to Columbia University students and Fortune 500 companies alike
  • This education is normally EXCLUSIVE to the Ivy League or programs that cost tens of thousands of dollars — but EIL is deeply discounted to provide access to ALL
  • Chuck Garcia’s proven leadership training will hone your skills to become a next-level leader 
  • Master your emotional intelligence and communication with these tools and be seen as the future of your company

EIL is the community designed to transform emerging influencers into astonishing leaders through the power of communication and emotional intelligence.

Learn from Wall Street's Top Executive Coach

Chuck Garcia is the founder of Climb Leadership International and coaches executives on leadership development, public speaking, and emotional intelligence with his Empathetic Leadership Training. His clients have included Bloomberg, New York Institute of Finance, and J.P. Morgan. Chuck is a professional speaker and has given keynotes in over 20 countries, an Amazon best-selling author, and Talk Radio Host on New York’s 77WABC of A CLIMB TO THE TOP: Stories of Transformation. He also teaches Leadership Communication at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Engineering. A 25-year veteran of Wall Street, Chuck spent 14 years in sales and marketing at Bloomberg in a variety of leadership positions. He was Director of Business Development at BlackRock Solutions, an arm of the world’s largest investment manager, and was a Managing Director at Citadel, a prestigious alternative investment manager. Chuck is also a mountaineer and has climbed some of the world’s tallest peaks, including Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus, the Matterhorn, as well as mountains in Alaska and the Andes.

What You'll Learn

  • How to identify and utilize your perspective in compelling storytelling

  • How to hone exceptional communication skills that will have you seen in a new light

  • The steps to consistently presenting at a world-class, TED level

This Course Includes

26  Video Lessons + Worksheets | Weekly Live Calls | 12 Months Unlimited Access

How It Works

You will have the freedom to move through this course at your own speed, with a library of worksheets and 12 months unlimited access to course videos:

  • MODULE 1 – Master Your Story (3 Lessons)

    Great leaders are polarizing, they have opinions. To form and present a clear opinion, you must first form a clear perspective. Perspective is everything. To tell your story, you have to know it intimately. To know it intimately you have to face your demons, fears, and traumas. In module 1, you’ll take a fresh approach to knowing your own story, and owning it like it’s the one you wanted.

  • MODULE 2 - Learn the Art of Rhetoric (8 lessons)

    Great leaders communicate powerfully, they have both tact and poise. Once you’ve built a firm perspective, you’ll need to master the tools of rhetoric to execute your most compelling communication.

  • MODULE 3 – Talk Like TED (14 lessons)

    Great leaders, like great TED speakers, use communication to persuade. Only practice makes persuasion. Individuals are compelled by presentation and persuaded by message. Master both and be the leader you were born to be.

What People Are Saying About This Course

Anthony Sicuranza, Jr.


“The second I heard Chuck speak, I knew I wanted to be wherever he was. He spoke articulately and with such passion that it inspired me to achieve things I never thought possible, including, but not limited to, landing a job at Google! Chuck helped me believe in myself; but not only me, I've witnessed Chuck inspire a wide diversity of people through his love and passion. Regardless of the subject matter, when you hear Chuck speak you can't help but be inspired - I challenge you to try not to be.”

Dave G. Kutayiah

SVP of Human Resources, Clarion Partners, LLC

“‘A Climb to the Top’ is a must-read for even those who think they’re excellent communicators. Chuck Garcia delivers specific techniques and tools for speakers to use to develop well-crafted and concise messages with clearly defined objectives. His cutting-edge ideas will help you climb to the top. This book will certainly change how you think about yourself as a communicator, how you’re perceived and measured by what you say and how you say it, and how to better navigate through the rough terrains as you climb to the top.”

Shana Bruner

SS&C Advent

“With an audience ranging from C-level to analysts and operations personnel Chuck’s sessions at our conference scored nearly perfect survey results on both value of content and speaker. Besides many responses of “Excellent” in the open comments field we also heard a variety of “Best session all week! I was so blown away and happy I signed up for this. Thank you so very much! A high value presentation from a high-quality speaker, I couldn’t recommend him more.”
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